Today’s guest post comes from the team at the Mobile Cleaning Co, Maid Services Mobile, AL

Every pet owner knows that sinking feeling you get when you encounter a mess from your pets after an unfortunate accident.  Housetraining is a rite of pet ownership, after all, and it’s not an exact science! In other cases, it may be an aging pet suffering the indignity of incontinence.  (That too happens to everyone eventually fluffy buddies!  We understand!)  Unfortunately, in the meantime, you have a notorious foe of the furniture or carpeting on your hands.  Pet urine! Gross!

Urine stains are tenacious, to say the least, and they can be a real pain to clean unless you have some tricks up your sleeve.  We here at the Mobile Cleaning Co would like to share with you the process we have successfully used, repeatedly, with gratifying results between professional carpet cleaning  

Procedure:  Removal of pet urine in the carpet or upholstery
Hardware:  Two rags. A spot cleaner/extractor or wet vac. Blacklight (optional, but recommended and easy to find for cheap on Amazon or like retailers)
Software: TWO different brands or formulations of pet stain remover, enzyme cleaners.  Filtered Water.
Total Time: 60 Minutes
Active Time: 10 Minutes

Step One:
Use your black light to locate and accurately assess the actual size or area of the offending spot, and check for other accidents that you may not have caught or fully erased.

Step Two:
Remove as much urine as you possibly can from the area by using your extractor or wet vac.  We highly recommend the use of the extractor as it’s made exactly for this type of procedure and produces superior cleaning results.  They are much more efficient to use and take a lot less time than using a wet vac.  You can set it, and walk away, whereas using a wet vac requires you to operate for the duration of this exercise.  If you’re breaking in a new pet, or maybe have an aging pet, or maybe you have kids… No seriously.  Everyone should have one of these.  We digress – get as much of the tactile evidence up as you can!

Step Three:
Soak Rag #1 in enzyme cleaner #1.  REALLY soak it.  Lay it over the area and spray away until it’s seeping down thru the carpet, which is what we’re looking for.  Go nuts.  Now set a timer, and let it sit for 30 MINUTES.  The enzymes in the cleaner need time to work on breaking down the bacteria and other odor-causing organisms that need to be eliminated if your house is to remain funk-free for the long haul.

Step Four:
Remove the rag, quickly suck up as much liquid as possible with your extractor.  Lay Rag #2 over the stain and soak it with enzyme cleaner #2.  Allow this to sit for 20-30 minutes as well.

*Note – We have had the most success using a combination of two enzyme cleaning products as typically, one product will effectively dissolve any remaining organic material.  It’s made a noticeable improvement on the smell of many of our client’s homes between professional carpet cleaning.

Step Five:
Using your handy extractor again (Are you seeing why you need one yet?) pull up as much liquid as possible.

Step Six:
Rinse the area with clean, filtered water.  This acts as our rinse cycle in the cleaning process and helps dislodge any remains.  Please note that it’s important to ALWAYS use cold water on fresh pet stains lest the heat set them in permanently!

Step 7:
Get the extractor AGAIN and suck up as much water as possible.  Set a fan out to dry the carpet.

Optional:  Use the black light again to make sure you’re satisfied with the results!

Kick back and relax with your pet, resting easy that house training can be a pleasant memory, without any proof in your home.