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Welcome to Rockingham Carpet Cleaning! Now serving the Port Kennedy area! We strive to deliver the most efficient and professional steam cleaning service in Port Kennedy. Our team of trusted professionals work day in day out to provide the level of service we expect from our team and to maintain the highest of standards for our customers. Our services cover a wide range of applications including carpets, upholstery, tiles and other flooring.

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Port Kennedy Carpet Steam Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Port Kennedy

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Carpets are the thoroughfare of most homes and trap a huge amount of dirt and bacteria that we do not see. This always leads to odours and stains that are unsightly and make our carpets/homes look tired and worn out. There is a simple solution to this and that is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning lifts the dirt out of the fibres and breaks down the bacteria that has been festering to remove the odours as well. This will freshen up your carpets and leave your home smelling brand new.

Floor Refinishing Service – Tile and Grout Cleaning For Port Kennedy

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Really Clean Your Shower Tiles With Our Professional Steam Cleaning Service

We Remove Mould And Stains From Any Surface, Including Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles.

We Extend Our Services Outside With Patio and Paving Stain Removal.

We are sure to not neglect your tiles and flooring either. They can build up with all sorts of grime and even mould (particularly in wet areas such as kitchens and showers). A lot of household cleaners do not have the strength to lift and break down this grime; often requiring additional scrubbing for little or no result. Steam cleaning is a much faster and cleaner solution. Save your self money in the long run and your back by calling the Rockingham Carpet Cleaning team today.

A Professional And Affordable Steam Cleaning Service

Stain Removal From A Range of Fabrics Including Leather and Cloth

Lounge, Sofa or Couch, Whatever You Call It We Can Clean It

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Upholstery and mattress often get over looked when the discussion of house cleaning is mentioned but these pieces of furniture can harbour an excessive amount of bacteria as this is when we spend a large portion of our lives. Giving these items a professional steam clean once in a while ensures that they stay in tip top condition and will last you for many years to come.

Top Quality Carpet Repairers

Repair Burns, Fuzzing and Bleach Stains

Stair Carpet Repair and Joints

Get your carpets repaired from the team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning. Expert advice, attention to details and results that you can see. For questions or enquires simply reach out to our team vian phone or email.


Port Kennedy is located in the City of Rockingham and is an outer southern district of Perth, Western Australia. It is home to the Becher Wetland Suite, a unique wetland formation. Instead of circular, the wetlands have a linear formation. Some swamps have been integrated in the Port Kennedy golf course and the rest are secured in the Port Kennedy Scientific Park. Port Kennedy is also home to Endeavour Schools, a primary school with an education support centre and Port Kennedy Primary School which opened in 1996. The district got its official name of Port Kennedy on June 1, 1990. It was named Becher in 1974.

What to Do in Port Kennedy

There are a lot of things that you can do in Port Kennedy. Why don’t you visit The Links Kennedy Bay? It’s a 5-star link course that will challenge your bunkering ability. The golf course is beautifully maintained with plenty of greens. The clubhouse may look like a shack, but it has basic facilities like toilets, bar, pro shop and food. The course is definitely one of the best in Western Australia.

The fairways are extensive, but stray off course. There are also many pot bunkers on the fairway. It’s a highly recommended course for those who don’t hate bunkers. Another excellent venue is the Rebound Arena Indoor Trampoline Park. It’s a great trampoline venue with good equipment variety, delicious coffee and friendly staff. Don’t forget to create your own list of must-visit attractions in Port Kennedy.