Carpet Cleaning Service, Rockingham Area

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      • Steam Cleaning To Remove Even The Toughest Stains.

      • Top Quality Services For A Wide Range Of Cleaning Applications, Including Home And Office.

      • The Best Dry Cleaning Team in Rockingham, WA.

      • Local Team Conveniently Servicing Rockingham And Surrounding Suburbs.

      • Quality Dry Cleaning For Fast Results.

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      • We Carry Out Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning

      • Easy Stain Removal For Piece Of Mind.

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham! We aim to provide the very best in carpet steam cleaning and upholstery services. Quite often residential grade cleaners just are not powerful enough to get the job done; only masking the stain/odour and leaving all of the bacteria behind. Our team of trained professionals deliver quality, clean results each and every time to ensure peace of mind that your carpets have been cleaned properly.


    Rockingham Carpet Steam Cleaning


    • Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Rockingham

    • Fast Stain Removal And A Deep Clean That Removes Odours.

    • Professional Cleaners For A Top Quality Service.

    Our trusted professionals get the job done day in and day out to provide you with the freshest carpets possible. We use only the very best steam cleaning equipment to ensure that our cleaning services are up to scratch to deliver what we promise. Getting a quote is simple, give us a call or send us a quote form to get in touch with us today.


    Floor Refinishing Service – Tile and Grout Cleaning For Rockingham


    • The Best Tile And Grout Cleaners in Rockingham

    • Really Clean Your Shower Tiles With Our Professional Steam Cleaning Service

    • We Remove Mould And Stains From Any Surface, Including Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles.

    • We Extend Our Services Outside With Patio and Paving Stain Removal.

    Dirt and grime build up the most difficult areas to clean, even the tiles of your bathroom. A quick steam clean can not only remove the ugly stains but remove the odours as well and really gives your bathroom tiles a new look. No need to involve yourself in tiresome scrubbing and back aching work, give the team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning a call today!


    Upholstery Cleaning Service in the City of Rockingham 


    • A Professional And Affordable Steam Cleaning Service.

    • Stain Removal From A Range of Fabrics Including Leather and Cloth.

    • Lounge, Sofa or Couch, Whatever You Call It We Can Clean It.

    • Best Attention To Detail For Top Quality Results.

    One area of the home that often gets missed is the good old faithful lounge. Years of dirty feet and dog hair often leave a lot to be desired with the upholstery in our homes, often staining and smelling well before their expiry date. Steam cleaning the upholstery in your home breathes new life into your furniture and ensures it will last for many more years to come.



    Rockingham is forty-five minutes south of Perth, Western Australia. It is home to beautiful beaches, environmental parks and other attractions. If you want to see one of the best displays of birdlife and marine life in the world, you should definitely visit the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. It’s only 500 metres offshore. There are a lot of things to do in Rockingham. Here are some of them.

    What to Do in Rockingham

    The West Coast Dive Park allows you to enjoy a great scuba diving experience. Do you want to see penguins and sea lions? Kayaking around the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park will let you do just that. There are plenty of sea lions, more than 600 pairs of little penguins and 150 bottle-nosed dolphins here.

    The marine park boasts strings of rocky limestone islands, garishly coloured corals and private white sandy bays. Why don’t you try skydiving over the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and land on the beach? You can also swim with wild dolphins or dine at the restaurants and cafes in the region.

    If you love water sports, you can visit Safety Bay to try jet packing and stand up paddle boarding. The Perth Wake Park allows you to enjoy wakeboarding. It’s the only cable wakeboard park that you can find in Western Australia.