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At Rockingham Carpet Cleaning we offer a comprehensive range of carpet repair and cleaning services for those living and working in Rockingham.

To help ensure our customers have the best carpet repair experience, we always perform thorough carpet assessments prior to any repair work. This way, we’re able to spot any signs of buckling, staining, patches and other issues before we start our carpet repairs. Doing this lets us know exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced to give our customers the most attractive new carpet.

Whether you’re looking for a new or repaired carpet in Rockingham for or work, we have all of the equipment, materials and experience to get the job done.


In most older homes, carpets have endured many years of use, or have been installed incorrectly. This is a major cause behind carpet buckling. Usually, this isn’t a major issue, though as these buckles grow they become unsafe and present a tripping hazard. Our carpet repair team can solve these buckling issues by lifting the carpet and re-stretching it. This normally involves simply stretching the carpet back into place and pinning it back into place.

Carpet Patching

If you’ve spotted your carpet has small segments that are dirty, stained or even ripped then it might be time for professional carpet patching. Our carpet repair patching service involves one of our team members matching your existing carpet’s colour, texture and style with a new version. They’ll then cut out your stains or rips and replace them with the new carpeting segments.

If we’re unable to find an exact carpet match, or if you don’t have any spare, we’ll either cut a piece from a hidden area of carpet in your home or choose the closest match we can.

Comparable to a buckled carpet, loose staircase carpet isn’t only messy to look at, but dangerous. Our carpet repairs deal with staircase carpets by refitting the carpet and pinning it back in place. This way each step has a perfectly fitted carpet dip that isn’t going to trip someone as they’re walking up or down the stairs.

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A professional cleaning a carpet

It’s not uncommon for carpet joins to show signs of splitting. If you’ve spotted that you carpets have separated from their metal joins beneath doors or other areas in the home, it might be time to consider reaching out for a professional carpet repair team. Generally, these issues can be fixed fairly easily by professionals like ours who simply re-seam the carpet.

Often there might be an accident with a cigarette, hair straightener or even a candle that could create minor burn marks in carpeting. We can easily repair these issues by replacing these sections of carpet with new pieces.

Over a few years of use, your carpet may be showing signs of flattening in areas where foot traffic is high. This can make the carpeting look crushed, rather worn down and not very attractive to look at.

Although replacement might be an option, we would suggest dealing with this is by resorting to professional assistance. This way you will learn that the carpet can be repaired in its current state and save on entirely replacing all the carpet in your home or workplace.

Many homes and office spaces deal with carpet beetles infesting their carpets. These small beetles live within carpet and feed off small crumbs of food that fall on to the carpet. Typically a strong vacuum will do the job, though, other times a professional carpet repair and cleaning service is needed. Our teams are more than prepared to use our commercial equipment to neutralise these pests and remove them from your carpeting.

If youre looking to have carpet laid in your home or office for the first time or to replace old, tired carpet, then our carpet repair team is more than ready to help. Our years of industry experience and commitment to quality carpeting ensures your new carpet will be carefully and precisely installed and in accordance with the highest standards.