Churchill Park

Have Breath Tanking Moments at the Churchill Park, Rockingham

Many people have been concluding that Rockingham is a city which is only characterised by sea or marine parks. This is a missed prejudgment because there are a number of terrestrial parks as well. Terrestrial parks are basically the parks which are located on land. And if you are that person who loves to see what the land parks have in store, then this is the place. The Churchill Park is one of Rockingham’s various parks that has the best sunlight coupled with a little bit of heat plus the cool wave from the neighbouring water body.

What to expect at Churchill Park

If you are looking forward to visiting the Churchill Park anytime soon, then there are a list of things, animals and sights to see. It is only at Churchill Park, you will get to see an artistic construction of one of the heaviest and the biggest quay anchor. This is basically a well-designed anchor which has been placed near the shore where ancient ships used to dock. This is a tourist attraction element simply because it reminds us of how the ancient war ships operated and the fact that this was the place where ship docking took place. As soon as you get to see this model, your mouth will be left wide open with dismay.

The Churchill Park is also the only place where you can find an archive which house various ancient ocean fishing tools. Some of the crude tools you will get to see are the fish harpoons, the ancient nets and the crude methods of Kayaking which will be vivid through the types of wood kayaks displayed. As soon as you see these things, you will not help it but wonder how our ancestors survived without our sophisticated technology. At the end of the day, you will go home a thoughtful man.

The Green Fields at Churchill Park

The Park has a very green garden decorated with various types of monuments. If you are that person who loves lying around and lazing in the sun, then here is the place. This is one of the best places to spend your day after a week-long of hard work. Sometimes, it is good to spoil the day by going somewhere where there are no daily routines. Magic! 

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