Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service in Rockingham, W.A

Having a hard time with those carpets? Not quite as vibrant as they were or perhaps a little smelly? The team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning will freshen everything right up with our detailed cleaning service. See what sets us apart from the rest!

- Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Rockingham, W.A

- Fast Stain Removal And A Deep Clean That Removes Odours.

- Professional Cleaners For A Top Quality Service.

We pride ourselves on providing the best carpet cleaning for those in Rockingham and the Peel Region. Carpet cleaning is something we take seriously because they are constantly at the brunt of dirt, dust and grime. We spill things, traipse dirt in and out of house and if you have kids or pets then your carpets gets even more of a workout.

When you think about all the natural wear and tear our carpets and rugs go through and all the bacteria that is embedded underneath it make sense to get your carpets steam cleaned regularly by a professional. That’s where we come in.

Rockingham Carpet Cleaning can deal with all these kind stains hassle free:


  • Food; including oils, sauces
  • Beverages; including red wine, soda and coffee
  • Mud, dirt and grime
  • Kid stains; like paint, glue
  • Pet stains
  • Grease
  • And so many more!

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The team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning –  is made up of professionally trained staff; not only to meet industry standards but also to give you the best cleaning service possible. We only use the best carpet cleaning chemicals, which are strong, efficient and safe. We want to clean carpets and get them as close to their original form as possible. We do this though our technique, tools and making sure that the chemicals break down bacteria or stains and not the integrity of the carpet or rug fibres.

Steam Cleaned

We use steam cleaning which involves hot water extraction. Hot water helps breakdown dirt and grime engrained in fibres and the extraction, which is the steam process means your carpet is cleaned and dried within a matter of hours.
We also make sure this steam clean is delivered through a jet cleaning wand and powerful vacuum. This allows us to effective get down past the surface of the carpet to what’s trapped underneath.

We know, you’re asking about stains? Stains are a part of life and we have your back when those mishaps happen. Be it red wine, pet messes, blood, food, dirt, mud, grime and slime we’ve got you covered. Don’t stress when things happen, just give us a call and we steam those stains and get your carpet as good as new.

Our professionals are well equipped to deal with stains. Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham prides itself on using the best techniques and materials to get your carpets back to their original state. Hot water steam breaks down those annoying stains that grip into the carpet fibres. The jet powered cleaning wand attached to a strong vacuum allows us to efficiently pinpoint and work on stains and break them down. We also have stream narrowing and focusing attachments, which means we can really focus all the steam power on those tough stains. All your carpets and rugs we will be stain free when we are through giving your carpet a proper and proficient steam clean.