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Having a hard time with those carpets? Not quite as vibrant as they were or perhaps a little smelly? The team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning will freshen everything right up with our detailed cleaning service. See what sets us apart from the rest!

- Best Carpet Cleaning Service In Rockingham, W.A

- Fast Stain Removal And A Deep Clean That Removes Odours.

- Professional Cleaners For A Top Quality Service.

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? Mattress cleaning often gets over looked but because we spend so much time in those beds it is important to get them cleaned on a regular basis. Get in touch with the Rockingham Carpet Cleaning team on 1300 495 757 for a FREE quote to see how easy this job can be.

As humans we often spend anywhere from 6 to 8 hours asleep (excess of this if you’re feeling particularly lazy). It is only natural for the sheets to developing staining and odours, which is why we wash our bed sheets on a fairly regularly basis. What about your mattress though. Bacteria and dust mites can manifest in the fabric of your mattress just as easily as it can your carpet or upholstery.


Healthy Mattress:

A good night sleep can be one of the best feelings in the world. Why would we risk that and the benefits it can bring by sleeping on a dirty or smelly mattress. Bacteria, dirt and dust mites all have the potential to live and manifest in the fibres of our mattress which is why cleaning them on a regular basis is essential. These little nasty’s have the potential to affect people with Asthma or Eczema and even flare up allergies for those of you who suffer with pet or skin allergies.

A well cleaned mattress by the Rockingham Carpet Cleaning  team will ensure a good night sleep away from the bugs, bacteria and odours of a filthy mattress.


Thorough Mattress Clean:

The Rockingham Carpet Cleaning team don’t do things by halves. When we say we are going to give your mattress a thorough clean that is exactly what we do. Using the latest and greatest in steam cleaning technology we blast the bacteria, dust mites and stains off your mattress leaving it looking, feeling and smelling just like a new one. Our steam cleaning service means that your mattress won’t get soaking wet in the process so there is no risk of mould developing down the track. This is to leave you with peace of mind and nice clean mattress to sleep on. Get in touch with us today on 1300 495 757 to speak to one of our friendly professionals about our cleaning service.

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Steamed Cleaned Bedroom

Often cleaning your bed sheets isn’t enough; to remove the stains, odours, dust mites and bacteria you often have to go much deeper with a professional steam clean from the Rockingham Carpet Cleaning team. With so many health benefits attributed to a good mattress it should be a priority for most people. Get in touch with the team on 1300 495 757 for a quick and easy quote to get your mattress cleaned today.