Rockingham Parks and Nature Reserves

Rockingham is famous for water parks, beaches, islands, and much more. If you have, the chance to be in the City you will not settle one you miss the chance to see their famous attractions. Rockingham is located in the Southern suburbs in the west of Perth. That is one reason the city is giving the gift of the best places to visit in the area. In terms of Natural Park and Preserves, they offer numerous attractions for you to visit. To awake your eagerness to explore Rockingham, here are the wonderful you will not wish to miss your visit.

Centenary Park, Charthouse Road, Safety Bay

The Century Park features th4 colorful landscaping due to many flowers properly taken care of. The Century Park water features such as the waterfalls and many fountains give you the feeling of relaxation. They also have semi-private areas in case you are bringing your family and loved ones. The place is such a paradise with the large gazebos. Best of yet, they got a large parking lot available to support many visitors who have cars with them. You will enjoy walking approximately in Century Pak because they got a sunken area with wind protection as well as sealed walkways.

Don Cuthbertson Reserve, Elanora Drive, Woodbridge

Don Cuthbertson Reserve takes pride in their place is the two large gazebos. They also feature the hilarious water features and fountains where clean water runs. They also have complete facilities for proper hygiene and toilet facilities. You do not need to be too much exposed while in the area because they got sealed walkways throughout the reserves.

Tuart Park, Anstey Road, Secret Harbour

Even you do not enter in the Tuart Park; the parking lot itself will mesmerize you. They take pride in their parking lot because of the lodestones they use in constructing the area. Inside they got attractive landscape with the biggest shades from trees inside the park. They also got toilet facilities for proper hygiene and promoted cleanliness of surrounding. In addition, the park has private areas offer to the visitors with proper shading and protection from the wind.

If you are a gardener or found in landscaping, you will surely love the way they cultivate and transform the area to one of the most beautiful parks.

City Park, Leghorn Street, Rockingham

Located at the center of the city, Rockingham City Park is one of a kind. They got attractive landscape, semi-private areas, and car parking area you can reserve in advance if you wish to visit the area. Of course, water features will not be absent in the attractions. They got fountains inside and many more. The City Park is available for reservation for your most special events.

Other parks you can see in Rockingham:

  • Trusty Park, Huxtable Terrace, Baldivis

  • Lagoon Park, Secret Harbour Foreshor

These are some places you will not want to miss in your visit in the country, we do the research you do the visit. If you ever been in the area you will get the chance to experience the best places they got for you to add in memories.

Follow this link for other points of interest in Rockingham. or click here to learn about Rockingham’s History

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