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Rug Cleaning Service, Rockingham, W.A

Rug cleaning often gets overlooked and with a piece making such a statement in a room you would hate for it to look dirty. The team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning can restore your rug to it’s former glory and bring back it’s vibrance. Contact us on 1300 495 757 to find out how.

We take the rugs in our homes for granted. Whether they are used to decorate a hallway or positioned around a coffee table they often take a lot of foot traffic and in turn a lot or dirt. They are able to fade, become smelly and allow a lot of bacteria to fester without us even knowing. If your rugs haven’t been cleaned in a while then it might be worth giving the team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning a call to see how we can help you.

Freshly Cleaned Rugs

Let your rug make that statement it once did with a freshen up and steam clean from the Rockingham team. Traditional cleaning methods rarely get all of the dirt, bacteria and odours out of a rug and with often receiving a lot of use, they can be the dirtiest items we see in the house. Our rug cleaning methods leave no stone unturned; steam cleaning allows us to get into the fine fibres of the rug and blast out any hidden nasty’s in an instant. The steam allows your rug to dry in record time so you will be up and walking upon it the same day. To find out more about this service give our team a call on 1300 495 757 to find out how we can help you.

Healthy Rugs

It’s a little know fact that a common cause of allergies and skin irritants actually come from the carpets and mattresses in our home. Rugs are no exception. If rug are not cleaned properly they can be a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria. These can lead to several issues involving Eczema, skin reactions, pet allergies (from hair) and Asthma. This is obviously something we would all like to avoid and it is super easy to do that. Give us a buzz or fill out the quote form to the right of page to get started today. You will find our rug cleaning prices are hard to beat.

As with all of our services we act and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. You can feel rest assured that the team at Rockingham Carpet Cleaning will bring forward all of our expertise to ensure that our rug cleaning service is top notch and will be done properly and professionally the first time.

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