Rockingham’s Best Sea Food Restaurants

As much as you want to see the scenery in Rockingham, you will not wish to miss the seafood they serve. Rockingham is near the sea is as a tourist, you do anticipate trying the food they offer. For sure, you want to have a bite of seafood specialty of Rockingham serves in the best restaurant in the area. If that is the case, control yourself a little more and we will give you the names of the restaurant you can visit and satisfy your craving.

  1. Bayside Fish & Chips

According to the review made by the previous customers, the place is one of the kind as well as serving the best food. They love the Scallops and for sure, you will love. They got a lot of seafood dish at an affordable price. If you want to see the menu for these days, you can see it on their site. You can also ask for a reservation on their website for special and short notice events.

  1. The Bent Chip

Are you craving for the best seafood near you? Here at The Bent Chips, they serve seafood that uses freshly catch fishes. As you will see, they are near the Safety Bay that is why they got access to the best fish in the water. One of their specialty is the Snapper you will never wish to miss a bite. Aside from seafood, they are also serving fast foods and Australian cuisines.

  1. The Pink Duck Bar & Bistro

The Pink Duck Bar & Bistro are one of the favorites because they are serving not just food but healthy foods. As much as you would like to eat seafood, you will definitely want to have a taste of the vegetarian food they got on the menu. Best of yet you can choose your food to serve free from Gluten. In addition, they do no lose in the menu list foods cook in Australian Cuisine. You will surely love the foods as well as the place during your dining.

  1. Ocean Clipper Inn

Ocean Clipper Inn is not just the place you can say it is also the home of the best seafood cuisine in the area. If you have the chance staying in Ocean Clipper Inn, you can have access to the fun in addition, food they serve. You will definitely salivate sing the food, what more if you taste the food as well? Since they are an Inn, in the first place assure they got the best staff who will satisfy you with the services they provide.

  1. Sunsets

One of the best dining scenes is near the sea where you can see the sunrise and the sunset. In Sunsets, you will have the chance to experience romantic scene. As stated they are near the water you can have the best views. They serve fresh seafood and chose foods from the variety of their menu.

One of the kind restaurants where you can find that are seafood freshly cooked. For a complete experience in the area, you must try every food especially the seafood cooked in the different style.

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