Capricorn Sea Kayaking

Kayaking and Canoeing is one of the oldest sea sports that has been maintained in most; particularly in Rockingham. It is possible to go kayaking and canoeing in this area because Rockingham has a series of bays and straits which forms a sporting ground for tourists. Since you will be a tourist as well, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get to experience this decade old tradition. As soon as you arrive in Rockingham check out the visitors centre a tour guide, will be able to tell you about the kayaking options available in the area and how to go about booking.

If you have no clue about what kayaking is then you are in the right place because I can spare a minute just to tell you what it actually is. Have you ever seen a person using a small boat which has a space for one? This is mostly common in shore cities like Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and other. It is a small boat used for simple or small scale fishing sporting and even transportation of goods to the markets situated in the shores. Understood..? Good

Kayaking for the first time?

The first time will be challenging because you will struggle to master how to handle the paddles and how to control the sharp nose of your canoe. However, for the first timers, the tour guides will normally choose a nice calm day. This is due to the simple fact that canoeing for newbies is not a good experience during that time when the sea is rough and can become quite dangerous. 

The best way to learn canoeing is during the calm of the day and it will be easier for you to learn how to steer the canoe in a shallow section of the shore. This is just to ensure that your safety is guaranteed. You will feel satisfied and refreshed at the end of Canoeing and Kayaking. On the other hand, you will have something to brag about and to be proud of when you go back home.


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