Professional Cleaning Services 

Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham offer a wide range of cleaning services to the Rockingham and surrounding Peel region. Call us on 1300 495 757 to speak to one of our friendly staff members today! Whether it be upholstery steam cleaning, carpet cleaning or dealing with dirty tiles and grout we are the team to fulfil your needs.

We offer a professional cleaning service for any and all applications including residential, commercial and rental properties. We will take on any challenge and strive to deliver a level of customer service that will surpass all in Rockingham. If you are in doubt as to whether that stain can be removed then give us a call; we may just surprise you!

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Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning:

You will be amazed at just how much dirt gets trapped in the fibres of your carpet. Your traditional how vacuum just doesn’t have the power to get the dirt and bacteria out that is ingrained deep. Only a professional carpet steam cleaner will be able to drive out those nasty’s. Luckily for you cleaning carpets are our bread and butter and there is nothing we love more than returning old carpet to its former glory.

Upholstery Cleaning:

Why just give your carpet and tiles the special treatment; our furniture also has to deal with stains, odours and pet hairs as well. There is often nothing more relaxing than lounging in your favourite chair on a Sunday afternoon, a chair that perhaps the dog sits on….the kids climb over? You may as well be lying on the floor with the amount of dirt and bacteria furniture holds onto it is surprising. Let the team at Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham get stuck into the the job and bring the life back out of your furniture.

Carpet Repairs:

Does your carpet need a little more than a steam clean? Perhaps you have some torn threads? Burns? What ever the case get in touch with the team to discuss viable repairing options that won’t leave you out of pocket. You’ll be amazed and the quality of the repairs and save you a fortune in replacing the entire carpet.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

There is nothing worse than mouldy and stained tiles. It is difficult to remove, looks horrible and obviously not hygienic. Unfortunately most cleaning products you buy are quite harmful to the environment and never work as effectively as they should. Tile steam cleaning is a sure fire way to restore your tiles to their former glory and save you a lot of elbow work.

Pet Odour/ Stains:

Well these things are unavoidable. Wine gets spilled, pets have ‘accidents’, food crumbs fall it is all apart of life. That doesn’t mean that one carpet stain needs to be the reminder of a party from long ago. We are able to treat specific areas of carpets or upholstery and remove those ‘accidents’ for good.