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Stain and Odour Removal in Rockingham

Do you have stains and odours on your carpet that have been there so long you’ve forgotten where they came from. Those pesky stains no longer need to be a problem. The team at Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham are more than happy to do the dirty work and remove those stains and odours for you.

Unfortunately it is never as simple as using a carpet freshener or some good old elbow grease. Once the stains and odours are trapped in the carpet they can be near impossible to remove. Masking the odour is only a short term fix but the bacteria will still remain. A professional cleaning service such as the one we offer is the only true way to do the job. Using high grade steam cleaners we get into those fibres or fabric and blast out all those nasty’s that have been lingering for way to long.


Healthier carpets and upholstery:

Stains and odours come from a range of different sources. Some very obvious such as spilt food and drink and others a little more subtle, pets laying on carpet or dirty feet resting on a chair. None of these contribute to a very healthy environment. We spend so much time over the years sitting old chairs or watching our kids crawling around on carpet that we own it to ourselves to clean these items on a regular basis.


Saving you money in the long run:

You can spend a fortune on expensive chemicals and sprays to rid your carpet or upholstery of stains and odours. Quite often the products will cover up or mask the smell for a couple of weeks before the process has to be repeated. They never really do the job properly either, do you think your new puppy’s little ‘accident’ disappeared because the spray you used got rid of the bacteria? Most of the time these products leave the area looking cleaning without delivering lasting results. The Rockingham Carpet Cleaning team can get rid of those stains and odours permanently with a one off fee; saving you money and time.

Getting rid of stains and odours can be a really simple process. All it takes is a quick p[hone call to the Carpet Cleaning – Rockingham team on 1300 495 757 to speak to one of our friendly staff for a free quote. Alternatively you can fill out our quote form to the right of this page and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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