Vacate Cleaning

End Of Lease Cleaning Service in Rockingham, W.A

Is your tenancy ending soon? Vacating can be time-consuming and stressful. It makes sense to ask for help from professionals cleaners to take care of cleaning needs.

At Rockingham Carpet Cleaning we provide you with a professional vacate cleaning package to cover all your vacate cleaning needs anywhere in Rockingham.

You only need to pack your belongings and move out, leaving all the cleaning work to us. We cover everything your property owner requires to return your full bond back.

We have a group of trained professionals who work with approved agency checklists who ensure all the cleaning tasks are executed with strong attention to detail.

Our competent cleaners come in pairs when performing end of lease cleaning, and we don’t limit the time we spend on your premises. We don’t leave until the job is complete. Our vacate cleaning comes with a guarantee. If an issue arises between you and the landlord regarding our cleaning, we will do it for free. However, we ensure that no such case will arise whatsoever.

We are equipped with cleaning accessories, industry-grade tools and machinery, which enables us to execute our cleaning services to the highest levels of standard.

Our cleaners are fully insured against any damage. They come equipped with specified cleaning detergents only designed for domestic use.

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Our End Of Lease Services Include

A professional cleaning a carpet

In our vacate cleaning package, we also offer carpet cleaning. Carpets can be dirty and stained even if you tend them regularly. Germs and bacterial can’t get out even if you vacuum your carpet regularly. If such germs remain in the carpet for long, they might cause respiratory conditions in your family. Thus, we take your health seriously by ensuring we thoroughly clean the carpet. With our carpet cleaning services, we use special chemicals to ensure it’s disinfected and it smells fresh.

Window Cleaning

Windows are usually forgotten and always accumulate dust both from the outside and inside. Sometimes they remain closed for a long time giving a lousy home appearance. We will provide a professional window cleaning service that will restore the window’s former glory.

Your windows will be cleaned thoroughly, wiping all the tracks, frame, fly-wire and cleaning all the glasses.


The kitchen is the most used area prone to accumulating good grease and dust, hence requires most cleaning. Grease becomes stubborn over time, and no matter how much scrubbing you do, it won’t come out.

We spend ample time cleaning using specialized chemicals to bring back its original shine.

We also ensure the surface is clean, including the tiles, switches, stove, splash-backs, cooktop, air vents and fans. Once we are done with all the areas, we finish up with the floor and don’t, and we don’t step on the floor again.

Bathrooms & Toilets

Bathrooms and the toilets require a lot of cleaning. We begin by washing the air vent, fan and ceiling, removing all the mould and dirt. We intensively clean the bath, and the shower as the mould and calcium easily build up on these areas. We use specialised cleaning materials and agents to remove grout. Once we finish cleaning all the bathroom and toilet areas, we thoroughly sanitise the toilet, taps, bath, shower area and screen.

With a heap of things to do when vacating, it can be challenging to complete cleaning the interior and exterior on your own. Our end of lease cleaning is value for your money. We clean the exterior footpaths, balcony and patios as well as the whole exterior. We are very thorough in our work, such that we even clean the back door, front door entrance and even the walkway through the house.

We wipe over skirting boards, wash the wall, remove ceiling cobwebs, clean all light switches and wipe down doors, frames and skirting boards. We provide comprehensive exterior and interior cleaning for residential houses in Rockingham.

Who Can Benefit from our Professional Cleaning Services in Rockingham?

Real Estate Agents and Landlord

From time to time, real estate managers get those irresponsible tenants who leave the property messed up, and it’s now your responsibility as the real estate agent to return it t to a rentable state once more. Our Rockingham Carpet Cleaning professionals will provide vacate cleaning services that leave everything clean and all the rooms smelling fresh.

Property owners have a cleaning specification that can be difficult to adhere to but not us. You will rest assured that our substantial, premium quality services will leave your property looking as it was when newly built.

If you wish to increase the value of your property, sometimes there is no need of doing inflated renovations. A messy house may look old, yet it will look as good as new with the proper cleanup. That’s what we specialise in. Depending on your specific requirements and budget, we will offer you a Rockingham home cleaner package leaving your house ready for new tenants.


Real estate agents expect the house to be in good condition within a specific date after vacating. If your inspection date is coming soon and you are running out of time, you don’t have to worry about impressing the property agent. Hiring our End Of Lease Cleaning services, you will get the house cleaned before the deadline. Approaching deadlines can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be so when we are just a call away. It doesn’t matter the size of the house; we have a team of professionals ready to leave every room flawless.

The realtors will always require you to leave the house cleaned to their requirements prior to moving out. If this doesn’t happen, they might withhold your bond money. Our end of lease cleaners will give you an affordable cleaning package in Rockingham so that you don’t lose that money

Property Developers

Rockingham Carpet Cleaning clearly understands the importance of clean property in the real estate business. We will clean and freshen the house to ensure the new occupants are welcome with the sight of the spotless, fresh-smelling property.

End of lease cleaners Rockingham also specialises in industrial and commercial cleaning. We understand the importance of a clean office environment and how essential it is to have the office maintained regularly. Our highly skilled team will clean your commercial space to become the most cleaner one in town.Our services extend to the tenants and real estate agents, landlords, and homeowners.

We offer the most affordable and comprehensive house cleaning services in Rockingham.